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Old Fields Forever ?

Oil fields forever is a first person action game that I have been developing for the past year in the unity engine, feel free to have a read through the overview and tell me what you think at


The main objective of Oil fields forever is to build and maintain a successful oil drilling company. However, this is not as easy as it sounds in the harsh environment that is the American West, with mercenaries and bandits hired by rival driller’s against you, it is only a matter of time before business rivalry turns into an all-out guns blazing turf war.

        Intended Platform:

  • PC

        Tools Used:

  • Unity Engine
  • 3DS Max
  • c++
  • Java Script


The Story starts in an alternative cartoon like version of nineteen eighties America, where the plains of the south have never been abandoned leaving the true American cow boy way of life alive and barely scratched by the more modern north. The protagonists story begins when his second wife divorcees him for a richer man. Depressed and fed up with how poorly his life is going the protagonist quits his job.

After several days of sitting around living the unemployment life he reads a story in the local newspaper about the discovery of vast amounts of oil in the south and how no company has been yet to be brave enough to head in to the south and start drilling. Taking this as his call in life the protagonist gets together his reaming life savings and heads out to the south and this is where the game begins.
At the start of the game the player controlling the main protagonist arrives a in a ghost town from this point onwards the town is their base from which they must start there oil empire from, with nothing but a jeep and a shotgun the player must purchase oil drills and contract an oil trader to transport the oil. As the game progresses and the player begins to make more money, they can invest in the upgrade and redevelopment of their town.

Once the town’s buildings are upgraded to the point which they can be lived in citizens and traders will be attracted to the town, bringing a local economy with them. When the game progress past the point where the player starts making profit oil companies will move into the area hiring bandits and mercenaries to attack the player’s property, in turn if the player has enough money they can counter this by hiring mercenaries and bandits to attack the property of revival companies and to expand their territory.