Environments and assets


During the first and of my course, each student in my class were tasked with making a 3D environment that depicted the backstory that had been set by our lecturer. Please feel free to take a look at these environments bellow.

Downloads of the full playable environment are available at the bottom of the page.


Environment one: 


The environment that I was assigned to make was an abandoned insurance office in 1980s Pennsylvania. This environment is currently available for download below.

The story that had been set for this unit was as follows:

The year is 1986 and Alex lee (the protagonist) has left his home looking for a blue-collar job in upstate New York, after a few weeks of searching Alex found work at a coal power plant. After six months working at the power plant Alex decides to move, back home and go to university. Many long phone calls from his concerned parents later, it is agreed that Alex can move back home as long as he takes up a job in the mailroom of his dads insurance firm. A few weeks later after Alex hands in his resignation, and makes his way back to Pennsylvania in the early hours of the Morning, after spending several hours in a local garage because his car had broken down.

Deciding he wants to make a good impression by not taking his first day off Alex drove straight to the office to start work early, but after finding his way in he discovers the entire office has been abandoned in a rush.


Please feel free to download and play the level, download is available from file dropper please click the logo to assess the download.